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Based on an adventure story set in Africa, Meadow United is an engaging novel study for children aged 8 to 10 (Key Stage 2 in England, CfE Second Level in Scotland).

While the main focus is developing children’s reading comprehension, Meadow United also promotes reading for enjoyment and choice.  The teacher's guide contains detailed planning guides for each chapter as well as a wide range of enjoyable learning and teaching activities which help children to develop key reading skills.

Meadow United is an allegorical story about the adventures of Obi the Monkey and his friends, who live on a beautiful meadow in the African jungle.  Although the central theme is Obi’s quest to become the cleverest monkey on the meadow, the book also explores other themes including perseverance, friendship, self-esteem and dealing with adversity.

The story, which alternates between the exploits of a party of human explorers in 1935 and the present day adventures of Obi and his friends, builds towards a football match between the animals of the meadow (Meadow United) and a fearsome team of lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs who are known as The Big Cats.   Other lines of development include Obi’s search for the magical Fact Tree, which Obi believes will make him more intelligent, and the legend of the African Queen – the biggest diamond in the world.

Devleloping reading skills

Meadow United is designed to help children read independently forpurpose, pleasure and learning, and to respond imaginatively, using different strategies to engage with the text.

The primary focus is the development of children’s reading comprehension skills through a range of key reading strategies:

  • Asking Questions of the text, ie, literal, deductive, inferential, evaluative
  • Making Predictions based on features of the text or context clues, eg cloze procedure
  • Making Comparisons between characters, genre, plot, and authors
  • Looking for Patterns, eg, in writer’s style, scene setting, character traits, storyline
  • Making Pictures, ie, visualising ideas from texts
  • Summarising, ie, highlighting key points, supporting details, paraphrasing
  • Evaluating, ie, justifying, judging and appreciating
Support material

The teacher’s guide contains planning and support materials for use with Meadow United. 

Learning and teaching materials are provided for each chapter. 

These include:

  • Learning intentions or objectives
  • Key questions relating to the text
  • Experiences and outcomes
  • Tasks and activities to promote reading comprehension
  • Extension activities linked to other curricular areas
  • Opportunities for assessmentFor each chapter there are key questions relating to the text.

Cross curricular themes

Teachers and learners can select from a range of cross-curricular activities for each chapter. These include writing, art and design work, drama, research online or from factual books, as well as activities linked to the geography and history of Africa. 

Meadow United also contains strong personal and social development themes that address bullying, friendship, self-esteem, confidence, perseverance, overcoming adversity and teamwork. These activities should be used as a menu for further development and interdisciplinary learning.


Meadow United is available as a printed paperback book. The teacher’s guide and support materials are also available in printed format.

The book and all support materials are also available in digital format for use with a white/smart board. Chapters and linked activities can be downloaded onto tablets, iPads and Kindles to support group or individualised approaches, as well as home learning.



Obi the Monkey dreams that one day he might become as intelligent as his best friend Chaz the Chimpanzee. But that’s never going to happen because - as Chaz reminds him every day - Obi is just a stupid monkey. Chaz knows lots of fascinating facts that even the cleverest monkey wouldn’t know . . . like which animal can run the fastest, or which animal can jump the highest, or which animal has the best memory. Being a stupid monkey, Obi doesn’t know any of these things. If only he knew one or two facts of his own he wouldn’t feel so foolish next to Chaz.

One day Chaz tells Obi that the reason he is so clever is because he visits the Fact Tree, which is hidden deep in the jungle. The magical tree is covered with sparkling facts and Chaz assures Obi that he will become the cleverest monkey on the meadow if he can find the tree and pick facts from its branches. Obi is not sure if going into the jungle is a good idea. He has never left the meadow before and the jungle is full of hungry crocodiles and dangerous swamps. Ignoring the warnings of his friends, Obi sets off unaware that he is making the same journey that a party of human explorers made seventy-five years ago.


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