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Red Snapper

The new approach to teaching modern foreign languages


Red Snapper supports learning and teaching of modern foreign languages including French, Spanish and German.  Designed by teachers for teachers and learners, Red Snapper engages and motivates young people throughout the learning process.


Red Snapper is an interactive computer game which places learners in a haunted mansion, where they must solve the mystery of the magical Red Snapper.  They meet and interact with the ghostly Snapper family, each of whom provides clues to the story in their native language.  The game also contains a range of engaging vocabulary puzzles that support learning.



The Red Snapper toolkit contains:


  • Red Snapper interactive mystery game
  • a teacher’s guide which provides strategies and advice for teaching a modern language
  • pupil tasks and activities
  • an interactive teachers' toolkit featuring Red Snapper characters teaching vocabulary and other tools


French and German

Red Herring

A murder mystery for pupils studying French or German.

Spanish available soon

About Red Herring

Red HerringRed Herring is an interactive computer game designed to support the learning and teaching of modern languages.  Players adopt the role of a police detective investigating the murder of a local journalist, Max Herring.  They must interview the residents of Max's home town in order to uncover clues and solve the crime.  The game also contains a range of engaging vocabulary prizes designed to enhance the learning process.


A different learning experience

Red Herring is an immersive learning experience for young people.  From the beginning, pupils are captivated by the original and gripping storylines.  once they are drawn in to solving the mystery of the murder of Max Herring, learners see the vocabulary tasks as integral to the challenge of the game.  They also benefit from interacting with, and listening to, native language speakers.  Red Herring includes a built-in automated translation system to support less confident learners.